Company Overview

Xander international
  • Established in 1997 by Cher Wang & Wen Chi Chen
  • Affiliated Company of VIA Technologies, Inc.
  • Registered Capital:NTD 909,000,000
  • Number of Employees:236
  • Became an OTC Listed Company in 2001

Established in 1997, Xander has since then been deeply rooted in the Taiwanese information distribution channel for 20 years, Xander International Corp. has received recognition and support from several world-class vendors as well as the approval and trust of large number of partners through its professional management team, robust financial structure, premium business management and all-around services.

Due to rapid changes in the environment, Xander has evolved to act as a sales agent for household appliances, mainly focusing on the consumer market. in 2002, Xander with merged the distributor carrying product lines of Fuji Xerox, Cisco and Dell. In addition, it is involved in projects with CTC market & enterprises market for over 15 years. Today, it has a concrete role in the commercial & value added projects market.

Company’s Core Competitiveness

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Management Belief

President Mr.Chen Wen Kang

InApril of 2016, Xander experienced major management problems. The board of directors assigned Mr. Chen Wen Kang as vice president and after 4 months of system alterations, personnel adjustments, as of the end of August, the company’s operations were back on track. Since then, the board has appointed Chen Wen Kang as the president of the company to lead Xander toward future developments.

“My name is Mark.” – President Chen’s address to Xandar employees was simple and devoid of redundant phrases. Chen talked about the challenges that Xandar will face and the methods of overcoming them:“Change is the only way that allows the company to move forward and it requires sacrifices, it requires expenditure, these are musts. In the face of market transformation, Xander has to be agile in its adjustments. Only through change can the organization remain flexible while facing all future challenges.”

President Chen stresses: “We should focus and exert our expertise to effectively complete our tasks to maximize productivity and to allow closer team collaboration. If we portray ourselves as an efficient, seamless and a professional team in front of our current and future clients, we are giving them a reason to believe in our capabilities, therefore fulfilling their requests and expectations.”

As face of 2017, Xandar has undergone over a year of internal organization adjustments, with the gradual alignment of internal consensus. Throughout the year, President Chen personally visited the clients and vendors of various levels and held discussions with the team, to determine the management strategies for the next 5 years.

Channel Strategies

  • Client Classification
  • Differentialized Management
  • Enroot External Markets
  • Develop New Markets

Product Strategies

  • Enlarge Current Product Lines
  • Accelerate Product Innovation
  • Commercial Product Total Solution

The revolutionized Xandar team has appeared, and although the future is tiled with challenges, success is within reach if we tackle them and move forward, one step at a time.
Lets us march forward together!

Core Values

Our core values are people-oriented

  • Approach vendors with good faith and a just manner. Purchases should be conducted according to the agreements to avoid confrontation.
  • Avoid easily giving guarantees to clients. If given however, all resources must be used to achieve them.
  • The management team should approach their team with sincerity and good faith.
  • All communications whether up-down or between departments, should be done with respect as the main code of approach.
  • Value vendors and clients as win-win partners and approach them with respect and dignity.
  • Try to see things from the perspective of others.
  • Continuous improvement of our expertise and using that expertise to develop reliable sales and logistic support capabilities.
  • Emphasize organizational learning, stabilize technology expertise.
  • Assist clients in enhancing sales and service expertise, improving the client’s competitiveness in the market, thus strengthening client relationship.
  • Teamwork over individual performance
  • Utilize division of labor to solve all problems that arise from sales procedures.
  • Rapid formation of project team members, cooperate with one another to maximize efficiency of the organization.
Core Values relation chart